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If you choose between pure Lidocaine and Pliaglis, better opt for the latter. It has a more powerful composition and you need a smaller dose for anesthesia. This means that you are less likely to have an allergic reaction or any other side effect.


The anesthetic can be applied on a large surface of the skin. In the US, this is the No. 1 remedy for tattooing. It is absolutely safe (if you are not allergic to Lidocaine or Tetracaine). The effect of the cream lasts no more than 3-4 hours, so you have nothing to fear.


Today, there are no decent alternatives on the market. Analogs either cause adverse reactions or require high doses for the same effect.



Pliaglis is a local anesthetic, which is applied to the skin before aesthetic treatments. With the help of this drug, each procedure is painless and doesn’t leave bruises on the skin.


It is approved by the FDA and licensed in the United States. The composition consists of two active ingredients:


Lidocaine 7%, which is a broad-spectrum anesthetic. Blocks the conduction of pain impulses in the nervous system.

Tetrakain 7%, which is used in many areas of medicine as a local anesthetic. Reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings.

These components have a similar mechanism of action and provide a longer effect, when combined. Today, it is the only local anesthetic with such a powerful composition.


When you use Pliaglis, there is less swelling in areas of skin damage and less bruising.


In addition, the anesthetic helps to facilitate the procedure. Patients are usually afraid of pain. This may cause muscle spasm during the procedure, which interferes with biorevitalization or the introduction of a dermal filler. When the nerve impulses are blocked, muscle spasm is impossible.


The duration of the therapeutic effect of Pliaglis depends on the volume of the cream, applied to the skin.


When using a standard therapeutic dose, the effect lasts no more than 3 hours. Typically, the product is applied in a thin layer to achieve anesthesia for 30-60 minutes. This is sufficient for most procedures.


When the drug action ends, you can feel a slight numbness of the tissues during the day. This is a normal reaction, as the nerves restore gradually.


Indications for use

  • machine lifting,
  • dermal filler injections,
  • laser cosmetology procedures,
  • treatment of acne, wen, boils before opening.



Works on all skin types has a long lasting effect due to the powerful two-component composition, relieves pain of moderate severity accelerates the process of tissue regeneration after damage does not contain toxic substances and does not accumulate in the body


Drug form and composition

Pliaglis is available as a cream for external use.

One tube of cream may contain 15g or 30g of active ingredients in equal proportions.

1 g of cream contains 70 mg of Lidocaine and Tetracaine.


Mode of administration

The cream is applied to the skin in a thin layer (no more than 1 mm), 30 minutes before the procedure. If you want the drug to act longer or block the nerve impulses stronger, you can use a little more cream.


After 3-5 minutes, you can check the sensitivity of tissues. If you still feel some pain, you need to wait 5 minutes more. Usually, Pliaglis takes effect within the first three minutes and blocks the pain completely.


After the procedure, the remains of the cream should be removed from the skin surface.


The drug is applied only to intact skin. The physician must calculate the dosage so that the effect does not end during the procedure.


Precautionary measures

It is not recommended to apply anesthetic to an open wound and damaged mucous membranes.

Before using the cream, you need to make an allergic test in the forearm area. The cream applies to a small area of skin and the result should be checked in 15-20 minutes after that. If no allergic reaction manifests during this time, you can continue the procedure.

Pliaglis is not prescribed to patients under 10 years of age and pregnant women. Active ingredients should not penetrate in large quantities into the bloodstream. However, safety studies for these groups have not been conducted.


Pliaglis Side effects

This drug includes substances with a high safety index. Since it is used externally only, the probability of systemic side effects is less than 1%.

Very rarely, patients experience muscle cramps and dizziness. This may be caused by high sensitivity to one of the components.

More often patients notice the following symptoms:

  • skin tingling
  • itch

mild irritation in places of application.

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I tested a lot of topical anesthetics but this is the best
William Davis
I was very thankful to have ordered this to help take the edge off ,. I have used other numbing creams I purchased from eBay and this was hands down the best! I will be back for more.
Tamara M.
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