I Introduction to Privacy Policy


This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting www.acquafiller.com, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice.


1. Company policy and responsibility


Acquafiller Labs‘ company policy is to provide state of the art and effective Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Orthopedic products and services to the customers at a reasonable cost. As a responsible company providing the cosmetic services, we understand the need for keeping customer information as highly privileged. We will safeguard your personal and health information passed on to us with utmost care. The privacy policy stated here elaborates the procedure and processes we follow to achieve this confidentiality of your information.


2. Customer responsibility


The customer is responsible for providing correct and only adequate information. Whenever personal information is given, the customer has to ensure that the information passed on is utilized for the stated purpose only and kept in confidence.


3. Definition of terms


In the privacy policy the terms “we”, “us”, “company” and “our” refer to Acquafiller Labs and / or their business partners and associates. The terms “you”, “customer” and “your” refer to the customers of Acquafiller Labs and all the website visitors who have the intention of having a business relationship with Acquafiller Labs.


4. Customer consent


When the customer passes on personal information to us, it implies that the customer has given his consent to us in storing and utilizing the information to the intended purpose, as stated in this privacy policy.


5. Right to modify the privacy policy


We reserve the rights to modify and alter the privacy policy as suited at any time. Such modifications will be posted on www.acquafiller.com. The changes thus notified will become effective 30 calendar days after the notification. If any of the changes thus proposed is not agreeable to the customer they have the right to contact us and take control of the information already provided, before such policies become effective.


6. Child information


As general policy, we do not collect any information from children below 16 years. However such information can be passed on to us for specific purposes with the parents or guardian consent.


7. Information collection process


We may require collecting basic personal information such as your name, postal address, Zip code, age, telephone number, mobile number, email address. We collect this personal information directly from you and also take your consent for the use of such information.


II Scope and application of Privacy Policy


1. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act provides the guidelines on which the www.acquafiller.com privacy policy is framed and formulated.


2. This privacy policy is applicable to all the data and information collected from the customers and the use and disclosure of such information by the company.


3. The privacy policy is applicable to the handling and controlling of the data and information in written, electronic or any other form.


III Utilization and sharing of information


1. Information from us – We provide you with information through email on many topics of interest in medical science related areas. Such information may include newsletters, general health information and specific details sought by you. We provide the information only on your consent. If at any point of time you wish to unsubscribe from getting these information from our website you can send us an email.


2. Information use – Use of information provided by customer the information gathered from the customer is utilized for the purpose of providing the medical products and services which is our core business activity. We may use some of the information collected for the purpose of improving our operations and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment methods. The derived information generated from the individual’s data may be copied, printed, transmitted and distributed by us without compromising on the personal information confidentiality, subject to the applicable laws.


3. Data Security – Adequate precautions will be taken for the security of the information collected from the customers in terms of the storage, retrieval and utilization. No unauthorized persons will be allowed to access the personal information. We do not provide any part of the personal information to any third party without your consent.


4. Third party services – In the future at any point of time, we may take the services of a suitable third party after careful evaluation, for the collection, storage and usage of existing and new data. All the provisions of the privacy policy will be made applicable in such situations.

5. Information storage and safeguard – The information collected from customer will be maintained up-to-date and accurate as required for the intended purpose. The company is fully committed to safeguard the data from theft, unauthorized usage, updating and modifications and duplication.


6. Transparency of information stored – The company will have transparent privacy policy and any changes will be made known to the customers through the website. The customer can enquire at any time about his personal information being held by us. On such request, the company will make available the details of the information held, the authorized persons accessing the data and the purpose for which such data is used, within a reasonable amount of time.


7. Address for communication – If the customer has any concern about any of the issues in the privacy policy of the company, they can contact us by email: support@acquafiller.com