buy botox online australia: BENEFITS OF BOTOX

buy botox online australia: BENEFITS OF BOTOX
4 March, 2020

Benefits of Botox are truly numerous: you are already familiar with some of them, but some others may come as a surprise. In this article I will share with you a few interesting facts about Botox and Botox injections.



Let’s start from highlighting what we have learned about Botox already: nowadays nobody wants to look old and wrinkly, but not everyone is willing to get under the knife and get rid of wrinkles. And that’s where Botox comes in useful: it offers a non-invasive wrinkle-smoothing solution. For those, who are reading my blog first time, I would like to re-cap briefly how Botox works.

What is [wl_faceted_search] Botox? Botox is injectable treatment based on botulinum toxin, a strong neurotoxin. The neurotoxin is produced by a certain type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. The toxin goes through a thorough purification process before it is ready to be used. Once injected, botulinum toxin blocks the transmission of impulses from nerves to the muscles. As a result, the muscles relax.

I hear you asking: “But how does Botox help with wrinkles?”

Thanks to the ability of botulinum toxin to relax the muscles, initially Botox was used to treat certain types of spasms, migraines, strabismus, and other neurological disorders. But it was soon approved for use in cosmetology and nowadays it is widely used for relaxing facial muscles that contract when we laugh, squint, frown and lift the eyebrows. Each time a muscle contracts, it pulls and stretches the skin. With time, from constant stretching and pulling along with regular sun exposure, the skin loses its firmness and elasticity and forms lines and wrinkles. When Botox is injected, it blocks muscle contraction and the skin doesn’t get wrinkled. The more days pass without muscle contraction, the smoother your skin looks. And that’s exactly how Botox helps with wrinkles.

Most often, Botox injections are administered into the forehead, the bridge of the nose, in the corners of the eyes and the lower third of the face because that’s where facial muscles mostly contract, stretching and pulling the skin. The effect of Botox procedure lasts an average of 3 to 6 months.

Considering all the above, it is fair to say that Botox was, is and will continue to be (at least for the next ten years or so) the most effective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle remedy. Therefore, wrinkle reduction represents one of the most known benefits of Botox.



According to the experts, more and more patients aged 30 years and above complain of excessively oily skin. One of the most effective solutions for oily skin is injection of botulinum toxin, a protein-derived neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum, commonly known as Botox. Botox for oily skin reduces sebum production in the epidermis and eliminates the oily shine, especially noticeable in the so-called T-zone: the nose, chin and forehead above the eyebrows.

Elimination of the excess oil from the skin is not listed among Botox cosmetic indications approved by the FDA, however, it is considered to be highly effective: since facial muscles get paralyzed by the injection of botulinum toxin, they stop contracting and don’t stimulate the sebaceous and sweat glands. As a result, you get smooth and matt skin with an even skintone and minimized pores. This unexpected benefit of Botox triggered the invention of a procedure called Micro Botox with the help of which you can quickly get rid of skin problems such as blemishes, acne and rough texture.

“What is Micro Botox? – I hear you asking the next question.

Micro Botox is a procedure during which a highly diluted Botox is administered using mesotherapy technique involving multiple superficial injections into the muscle fibers of the skin and not in the actual muscles that are responsible for formation of wrinkles. The thin muscles fibers are what controls the size of our pores.

Therefore, Micro Botox is indicated for minimizing the pores, so they become smaller or disappear completely. The Micro Botox session lasts about 30 minutes and like most treatments with a use of Botox, it is expensive: you are looking at $600+ depending on the treatment area.

To get full range of Micro Botox benefits, it is important to go through a step-by-step monthly course and follow doctor’s recommendations.

Many people believe that Micro Botox can be done at home. This is far from the truth: any injectable treatment must be carried out strictly by a medical professional who has appropriate qualifications, experience and knowledge. Botox at home or DYI Botox is rarely successful. Most often it becomes a reason for unwanted side effects and complications. Obviously, if you cannot afford regular Botox injections or Micro Botox, you can just use special creams or masks that clean and minimize the pores. However, to get a proper pore tightening effect, Micro Botox procedure is a must.



As we already know, Botox is widely used to combat excessive sweating, also known as Hyperhidrosis, as it blocks the work of sweat glands. Up until recently, doctors used to treat hyperhidrosis by injecting Botox mostly in the armpits, palms and feet, i.e. the areas where the sweating is the most noticeable and troublesome. I wrote a big article on this subject called “Underarm Botox. Pros and Cons” and covered this subject tentatively in a few other blog posts such as “Botox. All You Need To know” and “Allergan Botox”. So, for more detailed information about benefits of Botox for sweating, please refer to one of these articles.

And now let’s talk about another treatment that is related to this subject. It is Hair Botox.



It’s not only armpits, palms and feet that get treated with Botox. These days dermatologists also do Botox injections into the scalp. “Why?” – you may ask. Because many people suffer from oily hair due to overly active sweat glands and since Botox blocks function of sweat glands, doctors believe that Botox injections into the scalp improve appearance of the hair while saving us from such common problems as excessive sweating, alopecia and dandruff.

And that’s how a new procedure called “Hair Botox” or “Botox Hair Treatment” was invented.

Hair Botox has become extremely popular among celebrities: celebrities would do anything and everything in the name of beauty, even such “bizarre” at first sight treatments as Botox injections in the scalp. I would like to emphasize though that the indication of Hair Botox treatment is not a wrinkle-free scalp. The purpose of the exercise is to prevent scalp sweating and keep a perfect hairstyle.

Please note, if Botox injections are carried out only along the hairline at the front, you will continue sweating at the back of the head, and this can damage the hairstyle by causing oily hair roots and dandruff. That is why to achieve the best results of Hair Botox treatment, Botox must be administered throughout the whole scalp.

Among the side effects of this procedure are pain, swelling and redness. During Botox injections in the head, the patient experiences more pain than during facial Botox injections because the skin on the head is much more sensitive.

Furthermore, for the successful outcome of Hair Botox treatment, it is necessary to use a high-quality botulinum toxin.

This unusual treatment was developed by the American plastic surgeons. The procedure has become so popular that surgeons and dermatologists call the injection of Botox into the scalp a new trend.

What about us, the mere mortals? Do we do it? Have you personally ever heard of that? If not, then read on.

Botox Hair Treatment is quite expensive: it costs $1200 – 1500 per session. It is more expensive than the same procedure for the armpits or face. Its cost is explained by the fact that a larger number of injections is required for the scalp – about 150-200, while only 12 injections are needed for a treatment of forehead wrinkles.

So, would an average girl do it? If yes, then can it be justified?

As it happens, the clients of the new procedure are not only celebrities, but also women who lead an active lifestyle: they run in the mornings, they run at lunchtime, they go to yoga class in the evening and every other night they vigorously turn the pedals of the exercise bike. The only negative of such an active lifestyle is the need to wash the hair after each workout. It’s not just the washing though. It’s also drying and styling. Imagine how many times per day you will need to do it if you have a few activities a day?! Who would want to torture their hair to that extend?!

Fortunately for sports women there is a such effective solution as Hair Botox thanks to which they can do sports as much as they want, without worrying about their hair being soaked with sweat and sebum.

The result of Hair Botox lasts for 3-6 months, but as with the most medical aesthetic procedures, it’s very individual.

By the way, there is another benefit of Botox injection in the scalp: patients notice that after this procedure, their hair becomes thicker and begins to grow faster. Great fact, but it is not clinically proven just yet. Although I personally believe it’s possible: aesthetic practitioners often add to botulinum toxin different substances such as vitamins, hyaluronic acid, amino acids. All these ingredients care for the scalp and hair follicles, which certainly has a positive effect on the health of the hair.



Botox for ED also known as Erectile Dysfunction can cure it and revive a man’s sex life, say Egyptian scientists.

It is believed that erectile dysfunction, defined as the inability to have an erection, affects half of men over 45 years of age. Moreover, stress and other psychological and social factors play a certain role and in most cases are the cause of impotence.

A new study by the scientists from the University of Cairo states that men suffering from impotence can regain their male power through injections of botulinum toxin into the base of the penis.

The principle of this treatment is that the relaxation of the muscles, as well as increased blood flow to the sexual organ after injection, greatly improves erection. Fortunately, this is not a one-time effect as it also positively effects the function of penis in the future.



There are many, many other benefits of Botox and many Botox uses, therapeutical as well as aesthetic, such as, for example:

  •        Botox brow Lift
  •        Botox for TMJ
  •        Botox for migraines
  •        Botox for headaches
  •        Botox for eyes
  •        Botox around the mouth
  •        Botox for gummy smile
  •        Botox for bruxism
  •        Botox for jowls
  •       Botox and depression
  •       Botox for muscle spasms
  •       Botox in dentistry
  •       Botox jaw reduction

I will cover most of them in the second part of this article, so keep checking my blog for new posts.


But for now, I would like to stress once again that in order to minimize the side effects of botulinum toxin injections, it is recommended to carry out the procedure only in specialized medical centers run by the medical professionals with valid certificates and tons of knowledge and experience. Don’t try to save on your health and beauty. As I say in my “About” page, beauty is a fragile gift and it needs to be cared for!


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