Buy now online !!! Which to choose? BOTOX x DYSPORT

Buy now online !!! Which to choose? BOTOX x DYSPORT
26 August, 2020

This is one of the most frequently asked question in cosmetology. It would be fair to say that each product has its own characteristics, and both are equally popular.


So, what is better – Dysport or Botox? Even though these products have similar properties and mechanism of action, there are still differences between them. But before you think about which one is better, it is necessary to fully understand what they are.


Many people mistakenly assume that these are different products, but it is far from the truth because they have the same main ingredient – botulinum toxin. The manufacturers of Dysport and Botox use a variety of additional components, known as excipients, but despite this, when used in aesthetic medicine, these products have a few common tasks, such as:


  1. elimination of mimic wrinkles in the corners of the eyes known as “crow’s feet”;
  2. elimination of nose wrinkles known as “bunny lines”;
  3. elimination of wrinkles on the chin, forehead, neck;
  4. treatment of facial asymmetry;
  5. reduction of excessive sweating, known as “hyperhidrosis”;
  6. lifting of the upper eyelid caused by sagging of the tissues known as “ptosis”.

Botox is a drug manufactured by the American company Allergan. Its history has been going on for more than three decades while Dysport is a French product and was developed not so long ago. Both are considered to be the most effective modern tools in the field of cosmetology, as evidenced by the reviews of doctors.


In order for the effects of Dysport and Botox to be improved, and the risk of side effects and complications to be minimized, doctors recommend taking time to prepare for the procedure which requires a certain level of self-discipline:


  1. stop taking antibiotics
  2. stop taking blood thinning medications
  3. limit yourself in drinking alcohol and smoking a few days before the actual procedure.


Botulinum toxin’s mechanism of action is very simple: it causes muscle paralysis, preventing it from contracting. As a result, folds and wrinkles begin to smooth out. After this procedure, the person stops squinting or frowning.




Dysport injections are considered to be very popular in modern cosmetology. This remedy effectively fights mimic wrinkles and helps with various neurological diseases.


Dysport is a serious weapon that doctors use for blocking muscle groups and fighting problems that are caused by the muscle contractions.


In order to better designate the area of treatment, the doctor asks the patient to strain the facial muscles and then relax and return them to the maximum state of rest.


For injecting both Dysport and Botox, aesthetic practitioners use the thinnest and most delicate needles, so after the procedure skin injuries are minimal. The dosage of Dysport is prescribed by the doctor strictly on an individual basis and depends on such factors as patient’s age, general skin condition and wrinkle depth.


The procedure is considered non-painful, since the microneedles cause minimal or no injury to the skin. A big plus of Dysport injections is a short duration of the procedure, which takes from 10 minutes to half an hour.


Treatment with Dysport produces cumulative effect, so the patient should not expect an instant result after visiting a cosmetologist. The first results will be noticeable within about 14 days after the session.


Results of treatment with Dysport last on average up to 3 months. However, if you properly care for your skin and follow all the doctor’s recommendations, the effect may last for another 1-2 months.




Botox injections are also considered to be one of the most effective methods for smoothing wrinkles.


Same as with Dysport, the procedure is practically painless, because the needles are very thin, usually of 30 Gauge, and cause no trauma to the skin.


Botox injections can be administered not only in the face, but also in the neck and even into the hands. In case with treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of armpits, palms, etc.) it has been proven that there is nothing better than Botox.


If the doctor has the appropriate qualifications and education, and the patient in the rehabilitation period strictly follows all instructions, then the risk of complications and side effects after Botox injection is almost minimal.


One of the main advantages of Botox is a noticeable positive effect after the first use of the drug: after 72 hours, the skin looks rejuvenated and refreshed, and the face visually looks a few years younger.




Both Dysport and Botox are used to relax the muscles, and thus smooth out wrinkles on the face, neck, décolleté and hands.


The main difference consists in how quickly the results become noticeable: after Botox the result becomes noticeable on the third day, and after Dysport – within 2 weeks.


Also, there are no equals when it comes to using Dysport for crows feet because it ensures minimal risk of loss of elasticity with soft tissues around the treatment area. And Botox is very effective in the area of eyebrows, as well as the mouth and has no equals for treating hyperhidrosis of palms, armpits and feet.




It should be made clear that both Dysport and Botox have the same active ingredient – botulinum toxin – and that is why they are almost identical in the way they work. They differ in cost, concentration and duration of effect. However, when it comes to deciding which one is better to choose, I, Anna, personally believe it is not the difference in products we should be looking at, but at the qualifications and experience of the specialist.

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