27 January, 2020

Why are lip injections consisting of hyaluronic acid the best option for rejuvenating lips?



Just about everyone wants full, well-defined, sensuous lips. Sadly, Mother Nature blesses few people this way. Lip fillers have existed for many years. However, it was not uncommon to see cases of botched lip augmentations, especially after very full lips became a trend.

Today, things have changed. Practitioners agree that obtaining natural-looking results is the most important consideration regarding lip injections. Their patients are usually looking for discrete effects.

For decades, doctors used liquid silicone implants when doing lip augmentations. It was difficult to accurately foresee what the outcome would be, and lips often lacked definition. Happily, reputable professionals no longer use this type of filler. Instead, they take advantage of the wide range of facial fillers now available for rejuvenating patients’ lips.



What are the goals when obtaining lip treatments, and who should get them? While every patient will have different objectives, the most common are to:

shape lips and make them look pouty

define the cupid’s bow

add volume for fuller lips

change the proportions between the upper and lower lip to correct asymmetry, which is what happens when one lip is too thin compared to the other

reduce wrinkles in the lip area, especially fine lines caused by smoking

Both men and women can take advantage of this procedure, although it’s true that the majority of patients are female. Ideal candidates are people who, due to their anatomy or aging, have thin or uneven lips. Regarding age, doctors recommend the procedure to more mature individuals who have lost lip volume due to the natural process of growing older. Of course, even a young person can desire a change in appearance. People in their twenties are now commonly having this treatment.

In the hands of specialists, lip injections allow for very natural-looking results with almost zero risk to the patient. Many dermatologists favor products based on hyaluronic acid because it’s a substance that is already naturally present in the human body. These fillers are considered some of the safest and most effective for the treatment of the area surrounding the mouth.

Currently, there are quite a few brands of hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers to choose from, in a range of prices. It’s advisable to take recommendations from the experts who have experience doing this kind of work. Frequently, cosmetic practitioners have a preferred filler they like to use. Some products, such as Restylane Lips, are specifically formulated for lips.



Lip injections take place in a doctor’s office. In terms of duration, a visit to have the procedure performed resembles that of a dental appointment. The process can be virtually painless when an application of topical anesthesia is included.

Treatment consists of small injections done with very fine needles, with each injection taking between five and 30 seconds. The entire procedure is ordinarily completed in 15 to 20 minutes. Before the treatment begins, the dermatological staff will clean and disinfect the treatment zone and apply an anesthetic ointment to minimize the discomfort caused by the needle. There is a small amount of anesthetic in the product, so both the filler and the anesthetic are released at the time of each injection.

Afterward, patients can return to work and to their regular day-to-day routines right away. That said, it might be smart not to schedule important meetings or social engagements to take place post-procedure since it’s normal to see some inflammation after having lip injections. This is the most common side effect in most people and can give the false impression that the lips have been given more volume than was desired. Thankfully, this inflammation will go down in 24 to 36 hours. It’s also possible to see some small bruising after treatment, which may take two to three days to completely disappear. Luckily, it’s not hard for female patients to hide this with a little lipstick.



There are some basic considerations that should be taken into account if a patient wants to see a good result with a dermal filler in the lips. First, the aesthetician must have experience with lip injections. The chosen filler must be a good quality product, so it is advisable to avoid clinics or practitioners that advertise lip augmentation treatment “on sale” at very low prices. Also, patient health and safety are very important. For instance, hyaluronic acid fillers come with their own needles. These should not be shared between patients since there would be a risk of possible infection. If a doctor offers to do the procedure with half a syringe of hyaluronic acid, a patient should gather her things and run!

Celebrities are sometimes photographed showing some noticeably unnatural results. These unsightly cases can be a consequence of too much volume too soon. A skilled dermatologist will conduct an evaluation prior to performing lip injections to ensure that the desired volume is in harmony with a patient’s overall facial proportions. Every pair of lips is unique, and it’s wise to accept the doctor’s help in deciding how far to go with regard to volume. Having the treatment done slowly, in two or more visits, can be the preferable method for achieving the desired outcome. Spacing the appointments out ensures that the increase in volume is gradual. This allows the skin to expand naturally so as to avoid ending up with a “duck lips” effect.

And it’s best to forget about trying to use lip injections to clone a famous person’s look. So, although it may seem like a good idea to bring along a photograph of Angelina Jolie as a reference, if that’s not necessarily what suits the patient, the doctor will say so, and the patient should listen.



It’s also important to remember that this sort of filler does not offer permanent results. After a year or a year and a half, lips will return to their original state. Fortunately, it’s possible for some outcomes to last a bit longer. For example, if the treatment was done for the purpose of improving the lip contours, these will continue to appear more defined thanks to the stimulation of collagen that the filler’s hyaluronic acid provides. If the goal of the procedure was to rejuvenate the area around the lips, then those fine lines that at first seemed to have disappeared completely will eventually return but may not be as visible. This is due to the body’s own hyaluronic acid production being stimulated, leading to a little volume being maintained.

Temporary outcomes do have a bright side. Since lip injection results aren’t permanent, they can be reversed. Anyone who didn’t obtain the results she or he was hoping for will be relieved to hear this. It should also ease the nerves of those patients who are just plain anxious about having something like augmentation done.

An enzyme called Hyaluronidase dissolves hyaluronic acid. Doctors use this enzyme to undo a dermal filler’s effects. Thus, there’s no need for patients to fear that they’ll have to wait twelve months for the filler to disintegrate on its own. Hyaluronidase can also be used to get rid of granulomas – small balls that sometimes form after the injections due to incorrect administration depth.

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