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Contains - 6ml

- Duration: 12-24 Months


What is PLLA?

PLLA is the commercial name for poly-L-lactic acid injectable, a substance that has several purposes, but where we most use it is for volumizing, facial filling and flaccid treatment of the face and body.


How does PLLA work?

When the sculptra is applied to the skin, it will be perceived by our cells. In this process there is an activation of the formation of collagen itself, which in turn promotes an increase in the thickness of the skin layers, mainly in the dermis, there is an improvement of the elasticity as well as the filling of the furrows, lines and wrinkles.

The lack of collagen is a major cause for decreased skin thickness and appearance of unwanted wrinkles and grooves. Thus, by replenishing our collagen, we have undergone a rejuvenation of this tissue.


What are the benefits and advantages of PLLA treatment?

PLLA is fully biocompatible with our skin, causing no allergic reactions or formation of granulomas.

The PLLA is fully decomposed over time, there are no future risks regarding the presence of the product.

The collagen that is formed lasts approximately 2 years, depending on each person, thus we have a very prolonged result compared to other methods.

The results obtained with poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) are safe and very natural because it follows the natural shapes and contours of our face and skin.


What are the main indications of PLLA application?

PLLA can be applied to almost any area of ​​the skin. On the face and neck, in addition to having excellent effects for arms, glutes (butt) and thighs, helping to decrease sagging and cellulite in these regions.

It is used in several treatments:

Treatment and increase of deep and depressed areas of the skin and especially areas of flaccidity.

Treatment of sagging skin.

Treatment of body flaccidity, such as sagging hands, sagging arms and armpits, abdominal flaccidity (sagging in the belly after slimming or post pregnancy), sagging of the buttocks and thighs.

Treatment of sagging of the neck and neck.

Treatment of nasogenian and labiomentual ("Chinese mustache" and "puppet" wrinkles).

Treatment of facial fat loss (lipoatrophy), including cases of HIV patients treated with antiretroviral drugs. The PLLA on the face brings a beautiful and natural aesthetic improvement.


Does the PLLA effect last for how long?

The PLLA after being processed by our cells stimulates the formation of collagen, this collagen lasts approximately the same time as our natural collagen, around 2 years.

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i like that all solutions are pre-mixed and in the syringes ready to go. It's convenient , easy, and works perfectly with the derma pen equipment!
Denise M.
Very happy with my purchase. Excellent product !!!
Hilda A.
I found the delivery time and packaging excellent however I had extreme difficulty with the thickness of the product and barely able to get the product to dispense through the needle. I had to use two hand to push the needle and at one point the pressure caused the needle to blow off and resulted with loss of product. If perhaps the company could advise how to deal with this issue, I would be happy to purchase in the future.
Leslie H.

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